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Welcome at Misjuba

the site for your lost and found.

Our database.

Misjuba has developed a unique method to tackle lost and found items where the location is the starting point. A found item is quickly registered without a account or many questions. Searching works simply with a location as the center and the radius determines the search area. Specially for festivals, theme parks and the theater etc, is a VIP account available. These services are free of charge.

Our QR-code.

Misjuba brings unique QR code tags on the market such as keychains, luggage tags, animals tokens, stickers, etc. All of extremely durable quality, eye-catching and colorful, all with a unique QR code. Should your property be found, then they can send you a message regardless where you are in the world. So you can instantly arrange how to get your property back.

To use Misjuba you do not have an account you need to remember. After receiving the QR code you have to activate him once on the Misjuba site or even easier with our free App. There you determine to which address Misjuba sends a message of this code. Your QR code is immediately active. Try our free QR code ready for use.

Especially for companies Misjuba can make a QR code tag with their logo or slogan on it. It's a perfect way to convey your message and the attention is long lasting.


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